For Sale

List of spots that are for sale.

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Buyers and sellers must contact and settle payments between eachother.
!!Large can only buy from Large!!Important for Buyers: You have to be on the waiting list.
Click here to check if you are, or to add yourself

Important for Sellers: You need to notify us by e-mail ( that mentions the spot you are selling, and which handler/dog from the waitlist will be taking over you spot.

!!Large can only buy from Large!!

Handler's First NameHandler's Last NameDog's calling nameCountryBreedJump Class
MélindaBurgosTessSwitzerlandBorder CollieM+
MašaŠlebirKiwiSloveniaBorder CollieM+
ManuelaCurinArunAustriaBorder CollieLarge
DebbySimonsFinleyBelgiumBorder CollieLarge

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