Jocke Tangfelt


My name is Jocke Tangfelt, I am 26 years old from Sweden, lives on the west coast in a small town called Falkenberg.
We have always had dogs in the family and you can say that I basically grew up with agility. Mom signed me up for a few competitions I did not dare to start in, but in 2007,
my competition career began with the family’s border collie Fellow and after that, it just continued. I have participated in Swedish Championship since then and have also been honored to be part of the
national team since 2012 with the miniature poodle Amiga, and have taken SM, NM, EO and AWC medals. In 2018 I participated with a borrowed dog named Bella in the national team. Today I have the border collie Decibel and Sheltien Astrid.
In 2014, I took the next step in my agility interest and became judge. A new challenge that I really like. In my courses, I strive to achieve open long-distance lanes, good lines and speed of course. I also want it to be challenging handling options that can be solved in different ways.

See you in Slovenia 🙂

Sandra Deidda


Sandra Deidda is an agility handler since 1997. She started her Agility career with Border Collies (Scott and Sunny) and from 2003 she competed with Happy Pina, the sheltie who took part with Sandra at the AWC 2006 and 2007

With Happy Sandra become Agility National Champion twice in a row in 2010 and 2011.

She is Agility Judge in Italy since 2010, taking part to a lot of national and international trials around Europe. She judged qualifications for AWC and EO in several countries: Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Great Britain, Austria, France, Finland, Norway, Japan Hungary, Slovakia, Denmark, Belgium, Luxemburg and Italy.
In ten years she has been Judge at lot of the most important Agility events in Europe:

FMBB World Championship in Italy (2012), FCI European Open in Belgium (2013), Norwegian Open (2013, 2016 and 2018), Final of Swiss Championship (2014), Nordic Championship (2014), International Shelties Turnier in Luxembourg (2014), Silesian Open, Poland (2015), Americas & Caribe Agility Cup in Brasil (2015), Jutlandia Cup in Danemark (2015), Almozara Agility Festival, Spain (2015), Agility World Championship in Italy (2015), Magna Racino in Austria (2016), Avallon Cup in France (2016), Norwegian Agility Festival , Bergen (2016), Finnish Championship (2017), Border Collie Classic , UK (2017), Swedish Championship (2018), Swiss Cup (2018, 2019), Hungarian Open (2019), Alpine Agility Open (2019)

Anita Szilágyi

My name is Anita Szilágyi, I’m 30 years old, and live in Hungary. Dogs have always been a part of my life, but I have been doing agility only since 2002. My first dog was a labrador retriever, then I had a kelpie mix and a foxterrier. Now I have 3 border collies, they are the only ones who complete my daily life. One of them is Dita, with her I could stand on the 2nd place of the podium in EO 2016, and AWC 2017. As I have always been interested in the agility from the competitor’s, trainer’s, and judge’s piont of view as well, I passed the FCI agility judge exam in 2014. Since then in many national and international competitions teams have been able to run on the courses I have created.


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